The Toffee Twins

We put a twist on toffee!

After countless and tasty hours of experimentation, they have perfected the recipe for their original flavor, as well as recipes for a variety of unique flavors including: milk chocolate potato chip, dark chocolate with pink Himalayan sea salt, Oreo, s’more, pretzel coconut, chocolate peanut butter and white chocolate cinnamon sugar.  In Spring 2016, Toffee Twins will introduce vegan flavors, so those with dietary restrictions can also enjoy these sweet treats.

Toffee Twins will custom make any flavor upon request for customers that place large orders for parties, weddings, or events.  As part of The Toffee Twins experience, they will also custom package their toffee to include personalized gift tags or company logos.

Meet The Twins

Los Angeles is a town where dreams come true.  This allure of bright lights and the celebrity world lead twins Sam and Chelsea Miller to reunite in the City of Angels after attending college in separate cities.  While enjoying time off from her job in the entertainment industry, Sam stumbled upon a recipe that would change their lives and the taste buds of toffee lovers forever.  Sam found a simple toffee recipe when she was looking to make a quick snack.  Having made too much, she gave the leftovers to Chelsea to bring to her co-workers.  After tasting the vibrant flavor of the toffee, Chelsea’s co-workers immediately asked, “Where can we buy this?”   And The Toffee Twins was born.  The Toffee Twins create “toffee with a twist.”